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There's no doubt that heavy-duty truck scales are widely used in the mining industry for weighing and payload management purposes. The load on a truck or vehicle often needs to be calculated by weighing the vehicle in both unloaded (for calibration) and loaded to determine payload weight and overall value.

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In just last couple years, many advancements have been made in technology used for 九亿娱乐开户appapp, such as the integration of software, digital output displays and computerization, and on-board and in-motion weighing systems to further improve efficiency. This article focuses on the three industry-leading mining truck scales that are unique and technologically-advanced in the features they provide.


The in-motion axle truck scales are one of the most advanced systems for mining companies that need a portable and efficient truck scale system. Spearhead by Walz Scale, the axle scale systems include a number of options, including the AXW-30 series, AXW-45 series, AXW-95 series, and AXW-110 series of scale systems. The maximum allowed weight goes up to 110 tons which is far superior compared to other portable truck scales.

Like the name implies, these九亿娱乐开户平台安卓s allow operators to accurately weigh trucks as they pass over the scale unit as speeds of about 3 MPH. This drastically helps accelerate throughput and efficiency, which is paramount to any high-volume mining operation. Already common in farming and agricultural sectors (per the video below), in-motion axle scales can provide the ultimate solution among portable truck scales.

The base material for constructing these in-motion axle scales is the structural steel of high strength and durability. This makes their performance robust even under extreme conditions. The weighing pads are completely waterproof making it favorable to work under any conditions. They are capable of providing the total vehicle weight with easier portability.

The 九亿娱乐开户ios网址 are provided with removable lightweight ramps which facilitates allowance of simple access of the scale pads and brighter alert for the drivers visually. The ramps are easily handled and their installation and removal is done with ease. The provision of rechargeable battery that is built-in allows extended hours of the scale operation. Truck Scale Kiosk

The integral printer and kiosk system allows the printing of total vehicle weight and axle almost immediately. The weight is also displayed with the LCD backlight display, making the reading clear and measurements are taken easily. The weight study software allows the users to track a multitude of data like weight, payload, tire load data, TPMS and manage them in a single database. The load analysis tools that's integrated on these advanced portable axle scales help in identifying accurate volume carried and manage the payload.


九亿娱乐开户ios网址 are used for weighing loads carried by wheel loaders directly from the vehicle itself (as on-board scales are directly integrated with no external units required.) The installation of on-board scales is quick and easy, and the operational procedures are relatively simpler. On-board loader scales from Walz are 九亿娱乐开户网址官方. The patented sensor technology makes the wheel loader scale more reliable and durable.on-board truck weigh scale installation process


These on-board weighing scale systems are unique in a way that they are helpful in tracking production data and producing accurate, efficient, and consistent weight values without much upkeep. These on-board weighing systems work under extreme conditions and are capable of delivering precise results.

The maintenance of these on-board wheel loader scales are relatively simple and does not involve any expenses. The loader scale is designed to be very tough and robust to work under any conditions. The graphical operator interface comes will the necessary tools and delivers accurate and efficient operations. These loader scales deliver accurate results at an affordable cost.


portable wheel weighersThe 九亿娱乐开户安卓代理 are useful for weighing the vehicles both in stationery and moving conditions. The AXW-30 series of the portable wheel weighers are capable of measuring up to a weight of 30 tons. The weighers are constructed of a single piece of lightweight aluminum. This makes them easily portable to different places and provides protection from the environment.

The weighing pads on these portable axle scales to weigh trucks are made waterproof, which is ideal for mining operations working under extreme conditions. The ramps are lightweight and are easily handled as they can removed after use. The ramps allow easy access to the scale pads and provide a visual alert for the drivers in a bright way. The construction of the AXW series portable scales facilitates easy exit and entry of the vehicles in the scale pads, and with very accurate data of weight and payload.

in-motion axle scales

The weight is displayed with LCD background and provides clear visibility for taking measurements. The process of weighing is easier with these portable wheel weighers because the vehicles need not be stopped for measuring each axle. The set-up of these scales is relatively easier and are user-friendly.

As weighing technology continues to evolve, manufacturers like Walz Scale will continue push the envelope with mining truck scales the further accelerate throughput and efficiency.


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